This word,LOVE.


I will not go when she calls
even if she says I love you,
especially that,
even though she swears
and promises nothing
but love love.

The light in this room
covers every
thing equally;
even my arm throws no shadow,
it too is consumed with light.

But this word love —
this word grows dark, grows
heavy and shakes itself, begins
to eat, to shudder and convulse
its way through this paper
until we too have dimmed in
its transparent throat and still
are riven, are glistening, hip and thigh, your
loosened hair which knows
no hesitation.

[This Word Love, Raymond Carver]

Ακόμα και αν ορκίζεται,αν υπόσχεται μόνο αγάπη,αγάπη,

εγώ δε θα πάω.


Καλη εβδομάδα να έχουμε!



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